Paul Abbott


Solo: Sphuzo; Qno; Tender Interval; Queen Of the Shell (pdf); Vagus (audio) (booklet pdf)
with Keira Greene: Falls (version)
XT (with Seymour Wright): Pah' (POTT) (bandcamp) ; Ae;
lll人 (with Seymour Wright, Daichi Yoshikawa): vjerhanxsk; gjerhan;
ULAPAARC (with Cara Tolmie): Queen Of The Shell; The Legal Team, The Gait, The Singer and The Chorus (Plastic Words) (soundcloud); Acting and The Architect
Other projects: Cesura//Acceso (with/about); duo with Pat Thomas: 28.4.16; Sixth Housing Estate Fragment; Antiknow Unskilled Music (with JJ, GH, HS);